Why Every Traveler Should Visit Brazil

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   Brazil. The land of stunning nature, vibrant cities, exotic food, good vibes, and beautiful people. (And the list could go on and on) There’s a reason why millions of people flock to the world’s fith biggest country each and every year. Brazil can satisfy every type of traveler, from foodies to nature nerds and so on. Brazil has this charm, this magic, that’s unlike any other place I’ve ever been. Every avid traveler should get a reasonably sized spoonfull of what Brazil has to offer. Let me give you all an idea of what that spoonfull could taste like! First of all let’s begin with the most obvious question…

                                           Where do I start?



   Brazil is huge, and I mean HUGE. It takes up a big and pretty part of South America, so knowing where to start your brazilian travels can be a bit frustrating. Many people start in the big cities, and then make their way around to other parts of the country. My stay in Brazil was formed because of certain circumstances. ( More on that in a later post. ) My strong suggestion is that you fly into Sao Paulo first. Yeah, Sao Paulo, not Rio. Why do I say this? Because a stay in Rio can be quite overwhelming in many ways, especially if you are alone. Rio is not your average big city, and I have heard of nightmarish stories when it comes to crime for example. Is this a reason not to visit Rio? Absolutely not! Rio de Janeiro is a fascinating city, so with the right caution and planning you can enjoy this wild place. Sao Paulo is different, and I’ve had brazilians say this to me. Different in what way? It’s safer than Rio in many areas, but dangerous and chaotic enough to force you to keep your guard. This can be a good thing if you later decide to visit Rio for instance. We all need a little getting used to, right? So, I suggest flying into Sao Paulo first, and boy Sao Paulo is one hell of a city with infinite things to do.

   I’ll talk more about what to do in Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo State in another post. I was able to visit Sao Paulo city and State, and a small part of Rio De Janeiro State, and that was more than enough to fall in love with this mind blowing country! So let me share with you the reasons of said love affair… ( Note: I’m going to mention more about how to get around Brazil, what to do, where to stay, etc, in another blogpost/s. )

                                         The Atmosphere.

A small town, charming atmosphere!

   The atmosphere in Brazil is wildly cool, and most of the time that’s a good thing. A very good thing. Brazilian vibes are insanely awesome. But why? First of all, it takes a lot of factors to create an atmosphere that most people will feel comfortable in. One big factor at play here are beautiful environments, and Brazil is full of them. From breathtaking tropical beaches to exotic big city markets, Brazil is sure to please your wanderlust with environments that contribute to a charming, dope, and soothing atmosphere.

A tropical paradise.

   Now, what are some amazing atmospheres without some amazing people? A lot of the whole “insanely awesome brazilian vibes experience” comes from people that know how to live life in energetic, fun, and interesting ways. Simply put, many Brazilians just know what it is to live life and be happy doing so. And this life loving spirit can be very contagious which is more than a great thing. Being spontaneous, outgoing, and friendly is the normal for many brazilians. Whether it’s a longtime friend/family member, or just some guy selling açaí* on the beach, many brazilians are sure to put a smile on your face. (*What’s açaí ? My next post will tell you. If your patient enough. 😀 )

I don’t think I’ll forget you!

                                           The Places!

   One of the main reasons we travel around this incredible planet is to see incredible places, correct? Brazil is packed to the brim of such places. As I said earlier, I did not travel to every corner of the country, but what I saw was enough to blow my mind away. Let’s begin with the big brazilian city I visited, Sao Paulo. This bustling metropolis of 12.04 million people is a melting pot of culture, beauty, and just like any big city, your little dose of chaos. If you want to get a huge taste of the flavors of brazilian culture, then Sao Paulo is a place that must fill in a spot in your brazilian itinerary. If you get to go to Rio too, that would be wonderful, since that’s a city that is far beyond interesting, and one that I would love to visit next time I head to fascinating Brazil.

Yeah, some murals in Sao Paulo are huge, creative, and colorful.

   Once you’ve shopped, opened your mind some more with cultural events, and stuffed yourself with the world’s weirdest and most delicious fruit in Sao Paulo, Rio, ( Or both ) it’s time to immerse yourself in Brazil’s unique and marvelous nature. Brazil’s epic natural wonder is by far one of the things that really left it’s mark on me when I took the vacation of a lifetime last november. Brazil’s wide sandy beaches, misty mountains, vibrant forests, and bloody red soil, should be seen by any traveler and nature enthusiast. The variety of plant and animal life there is outstanding! And if you are looking for sick spots where you can quench your wanderlust thirst then let me recommend such places as Bosque do Silêncio, Illhabela, and the mountains around Campos Do Jordão. And that’s only beginning to scratch the surface of an endless list of some of the prettiest nature on our planet. I’ll leave you guys with some pics of these wonders which I will talk about more in a future post.

Rainforest adventure hike in the pouring rain!


A secretive spot! I’m not sure it’s secretive anymore! :O


Brazil has the most INCREDIBLE cachoeiras! (waterfalls)

                                                                 The Food!

A waiter with a lot of meat to serve the carnivore in me!

   Brazilian cuisine has mainly evolved from african, european, and some local culinary customs. This combination has created true magic. So a more than worthy reason for visiting Brazil is to try the strikingly delicious food that will do justice to your sense of taste. The possibilities of trying one of a kind foods is truly endless. The fruit markets themselves are a sight to behold, and the churrascarias will do their job in making you spend money on the cheap. When I was in Sao Paulo, it was hard to pick a restaurant because they all looked so appealing. Boy, did they live up to their facade, crowded tables, and long lines. There are other amazing restaurants that aren’t that popular that are worth a try! ( I’ll dive into the details of such places in my second post related to Brazil. ) I personally loved getting lost in the epic Sao Paulo fruit market, where I did my fair share of allowing my tastebuds to go on a joy ride.

Candy for the eyes and mouth.


A typical brazilian dish! Farofa, beans, rice, with some meat and french fries added!


Cocktail heaven!



Chocolate fondue with fruit that we ate during our stay in the Switzerland of Brazil, Campos do Jordão.

   Also, don’t forget to try the unbelievable brazilian coffee. It’s some of the best I’ve ever had! Additionally, let me give an honorable mention to the exotic cocktails/drinks that I had during my awesome two weeks in Brazil. For instance, do you like Caipirinha? Brazilians invented it, and this land is full of it. So, combine amazing places with amazing foods/drinks, and you’ve already got yourself one hell of a destination. Who doesn’t want to sip a sweet coconut on a hammock while listening to the sounds of the brazilian jungle?

This is the life!

                                        The Activites.

   When thinking of Brazil, and before going there, I would always think of the epic adventure tours (Both paid for and personally made) that I would go on, and I would often daydream about the unforgettable experiences I hoped to have. Brazil never failed me with regards to this. I knew from the moment I decided to go there that I would have the vacation of a lifetime, and I did. A big part of this was thanks to the incredibly fun and adrenaline rich thrills that your body should be ready for. During my time spent in Campos Do Jordão, I headed to the majestic Bosque Do Silêncio and participated in the adventure of a lifetime. This included spending at least an hour climbing up and down trees, ziplining through the air, and walking on high wooden suspensions bridges, all for around $30 bucks. How can you beat that?

I believe I can fly!
Confidently indulging myself on adrenaline!


Jurassic Park! 😛

   I had other adrenaline high adventures that were both planned for, and totally unexpected. Adrenaline was rushing through my body like a drug that I could not control. Personally, I tried to form as many uneraseable memories as I possibly could. Which is what you should do as well. I recommend doing arvorismo high in the tree canopy, snorkeling amongst beautiful tropical marine life, and feeling like Indiana Jones while riding a jungle jeep through the beautiful rainforest. So when I mention that Brazil is a country that promises to give you adventures that you will never forget, I mean it. (more details coming in a future post)

                          The Brazilian People and Culture.

Brazil has many cool gift shops such as these which reflect its unique culture.

   Now I know that I wrote about this under the atmosphere heading above, but that’s because people contribute to an atmosphere. It’s a broad topic. Besides, I can’t write enough about the way brazilians usually are. Brazilian people tend to be the definition of awesome, charismatic, and fun. I rarely have met a brazilian that I would define as an “opposite” to these qualities. Some of my best friends are from Brazil, and for good reasons. For instance, the hospitality, the warmth, and the “live and love life” attitude/vibe they transmit is absolutely dope. Most brazilians always knew how to break the ice and make me burst out with laughter. My brazilian friends treated me as if I was a family member, (in the good sense of the word) and I even had a guy let me sample practically every fruit in his fruit stand for free! And he gave me huge chunks of fruit! I was like full in the end! So you could say I had a blast!

A smile says a lot.

  This rad spirit that they express in their everyday lives has a lot to do with how brazilian culture has developed over the centuries. For example, the afro influence has turned Brazil into a generally party loving, expressive, and colorful country. I saw this reflected in many aspects of brazilian culture from architecture to craft art, and from attire to hammocks. You name it! So whether your looking to feast the eyes on eyepopping art, take in the colors of carnaval, or looking to make the coolest friends, then rest assured that your social/cultural cravings will be satisfied to the full.


Brazilian warmth is reflected in the warm colors of their buildings.


Make sure to get one of these! I got the colored checkered one on the far left! 😀

                                     The Location of Brazil.

Epic views while getting closer to Sao Paulo!

    What? What do you mean the location? If your still puzzled because of that heading, then let me explain that “location” can mean a lot, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. A good way to call Brazil would be “the gateway to South America.” This is because it can be fairly easy and cheap to catch flights to other parts of South America. Brazil is so darn big on the South American map, that it borders ten, yes ten South American countries that can be easily accessed from many parts of Brazil. Now, I must admit the public long distance transportation in Brazil is pretty terrible, but certain long distance bus rides to other South American destinations do exist. Air travel is the preffered means of transportation from Brazil to other South American nations. I’ll mention more about this in my next post about Brazil.

Exotic plantlife!

                                        The Overall Experience.

   Exactly. Visit Brazil for the overall experience of immersing yourself in a colorful, vibrant, and exotic culture. The time I spent in this fabulous country had a lot more to do with the positive than the negative. And my overall experience was undoubtedly affected by the reasons I mentioned above. For example my friends, people in general, breathtaking natural wonders, food, and the insane vibes, (etc) created a big space in my heart for this special country. But don’t forget that the overall experience in any nation has to do with your overall attitude while there. That being said, if you approach Brazil with an open mind and good spirit, then your’e sure to enjoy this gem as much as I did!

Brazil will always be in my heart!

*Note: This post was mainly made to give a general idea as to why every traveler should visit Brazil. My next post about Brazil will have to do with specifics about accomodations, dining, itineraries, do’s and don’ts, etc. So stay tuned! And if you missed my first post then here it is: Hello Travel World!


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