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   Hello world! I’m Derek Benoit, a young adventurous travel freak, and this is a brief introduction to what I hope is going to be a spectacular part of my life moving forward: my travel blog! This is because I don’t just like traveling and wanderlusting, I adore it with the deepest passion. I have had this outgoing passion for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always wanted to be more than a simple tourist. My desire is to be an explorer and traveler, someone who shows the world from different persperctives. I have felt strongly compelled to share this passion with as many individuals as I can. My desire is to show you my take on traveling, which should not only be about going all around the world, but it should also be about traveling near you, as in wanderlusting in your very own region.

                             My Ultimate Travel Goals With This Blog

   Don’t you find it frustating when you don’t know how or where to start your travels? Well, that’s where I come in. I wish to give you all as much help as I possibly can when it comes to organizing and planning your travel dreams. I profoundly want to help any traveling/exploring enthusiast make those dreams a reality! Since I also have this out of control photographer in me, I want to share stories with my shots. Stories that will give you all a taste of where I have been on this epic planet. I hope that my written stories/information will be just as compelling for my readers.

   I have always lived a very busy life, but I want to find the time to give attention to this travel blog, which I want to stand out from the rest by being original and different. So I hope my fellow readers will enjoy my travel blog as much as I will enjoy keeping it alive. Let me introduce you all to My World Steps! ( If any of you want to contact me to receive help, give me advise, collaborate, etc, just send me an email in the contact form above or contact me by means of the social media listed below. ) I would appreciate any support and would love to offer a helping hand as well! Until next time my fellow travelers!

   Here is a list of the social media that will be connected to my travel blog:

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